About Handshake

Our story began in 2014 in college at Michigan Tech University in remote Houghton, Michigan, covered by 200 inches of snow a year and eight hours from Chicago or Detroit. We had limited opportunities to quickly or easily connect with their dream jobs in Silicon Valley. And we watched friends and extremely qualified students struggle to start their careers.

We set out to help every college student find the right job for them, no matter where they go to school, what they’re majoring in, or who they know.

To do that, we partnered with colleges to create a tool that would engage students throughout college, help democratize access to the best opportunities across the country, and better match students and employers.

Launched in 2014, Handshake is the number one site for college students to find a job. Today, the Handshake community includes 18 million students and young alumni from 1,400 educational institutions including four-year colleges, community colleges, boot camps, and 290+ minority-serving institutions. We connect up-and-coming talent across all 50 states with nearly 600,000+ employers recruiting on Handshake — from every Fortune 500 company to thousands of small businesses, nonprofits, startups, and more. Handshake is democratizing opportunity and ensuring college students have the support they need to find a great job and kick-off a meaningful career.

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Software Engineer Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Buffalo, NY
“Handshake's positive culture was the most motivational and impactful aspect from my internship with them during the summer. It played a key role in my growth as a person and as an engineer! Being supported by incredibly talented engineers made me feel as if I could learn and accomplish anything, regardless of difficulty. In addition to this, their work/life balance and culture made me feel respected, even as an intern -- which I was certainly nervous about when the internship first started. I also liked how my internship project was a project that had an impact on the company and that it did not involve legacy code. This means that I learned a lot of modern skills including Ruby on Rails, React, and how to work in an agile environment. They truly made me feel like I was working for the company of my dreams. I was respected and it showed.”

Data Engineering Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 San Francisco, CA
“From the start, the interview process was very streamlined and professional. After the technical assessment, the HR team worked with my school schedule to setup the virtual onsite. I felt very comfortable during that virtual onsite. Each interviewer was very approachable and was willing to discuss what questions I had in length. After the interview, they were quick to get back to me about their decision, which was nice compared to other company's turn-around time. On the job, my team and everyone in the company was willing to help me with any problems or questions I had. I felt the value and impact behind my assigned project, which was challenging but a great learning experience. My manager was always there to help me when I needed it but also gave me the autonomy to explore solutions on my own, which I appreciated. Overall, it was a very relaxed yet productive environment that I was happy to have experienced.”
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